TRENDSETTERS for 30 km/h – research with surprising results

on Nov 27, 2015

Twenty, thirty, or forty? How many European municipalities have already implemented a wide 30 km/h speed limit on their road network? We did some research on those pioneers, and this is what we found: an amazing number of one hundred and sixty municipalities, in fifteen European countries! We feel this is just marvellous.

We found small and medium communities, like Axams (Austria, 5.600 residents), Fontenay-aux-Roses (France, 23.000), or Köniz (Switzerland, 40.000), as well as cities like Edinburgh or Stockholm, Gdansk and so on. Even London, the European mega-city (with 8.5 million residents) is among the pioneers.

30 km/h speed limits are getting increasingly popular and the TRENDSETTERS are inspiring other communities.  Have a look at the 160 TRENDSETTERs for 30 km/h and be inspired, too.  And should you know about more municipalities which deserve to be a TRENDSETTER for 30 km/h or 20mph, please let us know.

See the pdf here

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