New success story: Belgians like wider 30 km/h speed limits

on Nov 2, 2013

According to a new survey from Belgium, 50 per cent of Belgians would like to have 30 km/h as a default speed limit in their cities and villages. 61% wish to have considerably wider 30 km/h zones, and 68% per cent would like to have them least everywhere children are on their way to school.  The survey was initiated by our partner organisation “Fédération Inter-Environnement Wallonie” and carried out in Brussels and the French speaking Wallonie.  More than 1.200 persons were asked their opinion.

So far, attempts to implement wider 30 km/h (20 mph) zones use to be strongly opposed first, then they are implemented (mostly as a test for a couple of months or a year), then everybody is content, and the new zones can stay. As so many Belgian persons questioned are in favour of slower speeds without living in wider 30kmh zones, the positive results might define new levels of acceptancy. This is a great development. “People are more advanced regarding sustainable mobility than are politicians in power” says Luc Goffinet, activist for our ECI.  So, why not trust in the great acceptance and make a big step forward?

See the whole comment written by Luc Goffinet and the whole report (both in French)


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