Great news: One third of the streets of Paris soon limited to 30 km/h

on Jun 4, 2013

The local authorities of Paris have confirmed their commitment to reduce the role of cars in the French capital. Further restrictive measures were announced on Monday afternoon during the presentation of “Sharing Street” program by Julien Bargeton, Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of travel, transport and public space. The programm includes the announcement a 30 km/h speed limit in a hundred areas.

Parisian motorists will soon have to adapt more their speed on streets or neighborhoods they pass through. Large crowded areas will, by the end of June, concerned by this measure, which will limit the speed to 30km / h, for example, in the Avenue de Clichy (18th arrondissement), Rue de la Pompe ( 16th arrondissement), the rue Oberkampf (11th arrondissement), but also the Saint Charles (15th arrondissement). Paris has currently 70 areas with a 30 km/h speed limit, and this number will increase to 100.

Another measure announced: 21 new limited to 20 km / h zones should soon be implemented in addition to the existing five . These so-called meeting areas are in the vicinity of shopping areas, schools, colleges or high schools. These are areas where pedestrians have priority and are not required to walk on the sidewalks. Drivers (cars, motorcycles, trucks) and must give way to pedestrians and cyclists.

Finally, in September, the city will have a total of 560 km of limited speed zone, or 37% of all channels.

Priority for cyclists

Additional new developments in areas 30 will be generalized as “the yield cyclists passing fire.” Already experienced in the 10th district since April 2012, new panel “give way” give the permit cyclists to cross the red light to turn right or go straight, while respecting the priority given to pedestrians or cars coming from the left.

These are great news for everyone who is campaignung for safer streets. What can be done in Paris will also be suitable for Warsaw, Fankfurt, Berlin, Rome, Athens, Brussels etc. It is important to know that the will of the mayor of Paris to adapt the speed of motorists is based on experience – not just on ideology. The European Citizens´ Initiative will help to encourage more cities and pave the way for the smooth implementation.

Source: Directmatin, 3.6.2013

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