The text of the initiative

1)         Title of the citizen´s initiative:
European Citizen´s Initiative “30 km/h – making the streets liveable!”

2)         The subject matter
We suggest a 30km/h (20mph) EU-wide default speed limit for urban/residential areas.
Local authorities may set other speed limits if they can show how environmental and safety needs of the most vulnerable road users are met.

3)         A description of the objectives of the proposed citizens’ initiative on which the Commission is invited to act

 The EU has clear road safety and environmental goals but these are not yet met. A 30km/h (20mph) standard speed limit would help to implement them more efficiently as it has proven successful in reducing injuries and fatalities, noise, air pollution and CO2 emissions, and improving the traffic flow. People can travel with less fear. Environmentally friendlier modes become more attractive.

To meet the subsidiarity principle, the local authorities must have the final decision to set other speed limits on their roads and implement equivalent alternatives to meet the goals.

4)             Indicate the relevant provision in the Treaties for your initiative.
Articles 91.1(c) and 191 TFEU