30kph / 20mph Speed Limit Signature Gathering – First Milestone Achieved

on Dec 23, 2012

Good news! Citizens from all member states of the EU have already signed our initiative. The first hurdle of the EU law on European Citizens´ Initiatives (ECI) has been cleared.
But for our ECI to be successful, we have to meet all three legal requirements:
1)    Signatures (officially known as “statements of support”) must come from at least 7 countries. This was easily achieved some days ago, but we are now facing the more difficult challenges number two and three:
2)    We need a minimum number of signatures. The amount differs from country to country. The highest is in Germany (74 250 signatures), the lowest in Cyprus. Luxembourg and Malta (4,500 signatures). We are excitedly anticipating and guessing which country will be the first to meet the quorum.
3)    And last but not least, we have to get one million valid signatures within a year. This is the real challenge.

Therefore, please sign up today and tell all your family, friends and colleagues to do so too.

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