SE Sweden TRENDSETTER cities for 30 km/h

The main Swedish policy goal in the field of mobility and transport is “Vision Zero” (no dead or severely
injured); use of 30 km/h speed limits in urban areas was made possible in 1972. Municipalities can
decide to implement 30 km/h themselves, since 1998. This has considerably accelerated the
implementation. 2000-3000 km of 30 km/h limits are currently in function.

Göteborg 533.300 residents was among cities with most road accidents in Sweden in the 80ies, decided goal for further traffic policy: We want to become one of the safest cities in Sweden. This was achieved in an amazing way with 30 km/h playing a major role.
Stockholm 1.400.000 residents 30 km/h on all residential streets since 2004. Stockholm was one of the first cities in Europe to introduce the 30 km/h limit in a wider range.