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Organising a “European Citizens´ Initiative” means:  create a major network in at least 7 countries of the European Union, rent an Internet server, translate into 12 languages, prepare events and media work  – and this is only the beginning. The signature gathering has begun and will last until 13th november 2013.

All this costs money and means a lot of work to do.
Do you want to contribute? Your help will be very welcome:

For example:

–         Sign right now.
–         Tell your friends and colleagues. 
–         Donate: If you want to donate you can do it here. 


–         Do you know organisations, groups, active persons who could become partners in the campaign? Tell them about us or send us  their email address! Contact
–         Help us getting this website multi-lingual. This website should should be published in as many European languages as possible. Translate an article into your mother tongue. Send us an email or simply start translating…. Contact

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  1. This initiative is totally idiotic. Just imagine the smog from exhaust of cars in the traffic jams this will create. Shut it down.

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